Paul, Participation, and Mission

Becoming less intimidating means

The Commander of a Cohort would wear a crest on his helmet than fore to aft, from the forehead to the neck. The Romans were aware that proper footwear on the battlefield was an essential part of the uniform. This tortoise formation protected the entire squad from arrows and allowed them to move forward at the same time. There are Roman battle reports that not even chariots could easily break through a tortoise formation. We can battle spiritually not only on our own behalf, but also on the behalf of others.

We make sure

This armor provided a lot of protection. We make sure our feet have the boots of the gospel strapped on, and we link our faith with the faith of fellow Christians. Spiritually speaking, the helmet of salvation provides hope and protects the mind against anything that would disorient or destroy the Christian, such as discouragement, lies, or deceit. If we allow them to, circumstances may convince us that God does not really love us or that His Word is not true.

When a flaming arrow hit a Roman shield, the olive oil prevented the wood from immediately catching on fire, giving the soldier enough time to break it off with his sword. In order to bring the message of salvation, you must first thoroughly know the message of salvation. It is when the pieces start to fit together that we are most secure from distortion. Before Paul starts his list of armor, he first gives us the reason for wearing it.

We are each given a shield and I think that is the measure of faith. Not only does truth display our affiliation with Christ, but it also displays what Christ is doing in us. There is no lack of faith within any true Christian.

This armor provided a