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Barbie in the Nutcracker (Video ) - IMDbIf You re Under 25 Your Music is Fucking Garbage - Nolan Dalla

Hopefully, one day, I will also train myself to not listen to classless rap, dubstep, and modern rock. Hopefully this worthless, old, shitty piece of trash kicks the bucket soon. Badly arranged orchestrations of popular tunes and movie themes. Barbie comes to life in her third animated movie, based on the beloved fairy tale and set to the brilliant music of Tchaikovsky.

If You re Under 25 Your Music is Fucking Garbage

Better to ignore it than be so angry about it. You may not like it, but every generation after yours will be adapting without you. As a matter of fact there was a kind of feud like this between Louis Armstrong and Dizzy Gillespie. As far as I know your opinion is processed through a computer and therefore shit.

The human creativity that runs the machines and computers is what really matters. Some of it is trash in my opinion. On one hand, I agree with some of his opinion.

Barbie in the Nutcracker (Video ) - IMDb

Fuck you opinion dubstep is entertaining, and so is lady gaga. Music was pumped out like machine and thrown at mindless teenagers for their enjoyment. Listen to Mos Def and tell me he is not a poet musical genius and then come back and discuss. You clearly have no concept of what poetry is.

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There were many others like me as well. Optional, only if you want us to follow up with you. Personally I could do without the vast majority of opera myself. What is there about this product that makes you thing you need it?

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Okay Dubstep is cringe-worthy, but there are some amazing new bands out there that you might want to try. My elders also created atonal modern classical music, and that was much more rubbish than the music you have so much contempt for.

How old were you when Kraftwerk started? You do bot win arguments by hitting caps lock and by making a parody of an opinion that you barely understand. Try reading the lyrics to a rap song yourself.

Even the beginner musician or non musician has some talent or a potential for talent. This guy is such an asshole honestly.

Trivia Arnie Roth, who does the music for the movie, is also the violinist in the famous group Mannheim Steamroller. You know, Nolan, not all new music is bad or terrible. For instance, Edgar Froese, mind behind Tangerine Dream and older than you pioneered many techniques that are used today in genres such as techno, ambient, and house.

Click here to cancel reply. If a major label picks up a musician who is as stereotyped as one can be but launches her or him worldwide, your average critic will waste rivers of ink on her or him. If somebody composes the most divine music but no major label picks him up and sells him around the world, a lot of rock critics will ignore him. This is a perfect example.

This article is outrageously obnoxious and whoever this Nolan person is obviously thinks he knows a lot more than he actually does. Good day, you dumbass troglodyte.

Good day hospice care recepient. They only get popular from commercial success. Every generation finds their own ways of expressing themselves. Fact is, I expose myself to many different kinds of music. People that default to excuses of racism are mental midgets.

Try Japanese music, I do agree with you that modern American music like rap or hip hop are garbage. Music is like a painting, the artist wants you to feel something. However, entertainment is just that. If anyone is ignorant here, its you. When the Queen falls ill, it's up to brave Mariposa and her friends to journey beyond the safe borders of the city to find a cure.

In this animated follow-up to Fairytopia, Elina played by Barbie enlists the help of a mermaid, Nori, to save her friend Nalu, a merman prince who has been captured by the wicked Laverna. Edit Storyline Barbie shows that if you are kind, clever and brave, anything is possible in this tale of Clara and her amazing Nutcracker, who set off on an adventure to find the Sugarplum Princess. Favorite Barbie Character! Barbie shows that if you are kind, clever and brave, anything is possible in this tale of Clara and her amazing Nutcracker, deedar de song who set off on an adventure to find the Sugarplum Princess. Adrienne Fuller twitter linkedin.