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They start going out before Sean even gets back and when he does come back he is pissed at Autumn for breaking up with him via text message and blocking him. How does Autumn know this? Now Autumn has a map that can take her wherever she wants to go. Sean and Autumn finally go out, and it's nice until he cheats on her with Renzie. Autumn Falls I could tolerate, odyssey validating fare box manufacturers but this book was way worse.

The only reason they show up is because Kyler Leeds sends each of her friends a personalized video inviting them there. Bottom line, I did not like this book. It'd be great if it did, but it's not.

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He says that he felt so guilty that he threw up the next morning and the only reason it happened was because they had been drinking. If you are going to read this book, get it from the library or borrow it from a friend.

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The main character seems like a stereotypical teenage girl rather than a real person, and that reflects in the writing. Then Autumn sneaks away and decides to poof off to where Kyler Leeds is.

That doesn't seem very friendly to me. The rest of the main characters are dry and annoying as well.

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He has been nothing but good to her and that is how she is going to repay him? He never would have told her what happened if she hadn't of found out. It ends and everyone Renzie is mad at Autumn and Sean is mad at both of them, but now they're all best friends.

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He and Renzie end up dating later on. Sean and Renzie are there as a couple which is a douche move. She appears in his closet on their vacation and witnesses them hooking up. She's made to feel bad for breaking up with her boyfriend for cheating on her?

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She has no reason to feel guilty. It's random, but you get used to it. He really didn't care about her.

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