Winamp should now be installed

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It is generally the best method

Element Identifier identifies the elements of file uploader window. Execute the Selenium script in Eclipse. Runtime class allows the script to interface with the environment in which the script is running.

Buttons, listboxes, edit fields and static text are all examples of controls. It is generally the best method of identifying controls.

Open Eclipse and start writing code. We can open it by maximizing it. AutoIt only works with standard Microsoft controls. Almost everything you see on a window is a control of some kind.

Develop selenium script in eclipse. Successfully the file uploaded. These values are used in writing Autoit script as explained in below. In another way, we can say that this method is used to set the text to the input element. Verify the output, resume.

Let's say we need to open the profile of whatever the first name is of that list. Once you done with this element identifier you need to close manually, it will not close automatically. Now opens element Identifier.

Buttons listboxes edit fields and

Now you can't execute this script directly, you need to compile this script. Autoit script is used in selenium webdriver script. You can see a number of methods are displayed as shown in below screen.

For this article I will be installing Winamp without using a silent switch. Executed the selenium script. Using the AutoIt Window Info Tool you can move your mouse around the window you are interested in and you will be given information of the control that is currently under your mouse. This article is contributed by Gaurav Nigam. Below is a fully functional example.