Kufrin is out of the race it seems

Arie bachelor dating rumors

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He was born to father Arie Luyendyk who is auto-racing legend. The fierce battle between former competitors, Arie Luyendyk Jr.

Sydney even met his parents and spent holidays with Arie, which made the sudden split all the more surprising. The Bachelor Nation on YouTube actually shows Ari trying to convince her to get back together with him.

Now, it looks like Tia and Blake are getting along pretty well. But after, being looked over, he said that he has no hard feelings and is looking to focus more on his passion of fitness.

Then Sydney added her opinion by responding with a laughing emoji. Well, it does not seem right in some way. One ex-girlfriend says she was blindsided by their breakup She might still have hard feelings. Apparently Kraus angered producers when he refused to propose to the bachelorette during the finale of his season, however, so he was given the pass for more screen time.

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He proposed to her and she also accepted. Tia, however, did not publicly respond. But it seems like he is much more attracted to Becca than Lauren. Entertainment Tonight reports the two met through Instagram, and they hit it off immediately. It appears Tia and Becca have similar tastes in men considering Becca and Colton were a hot item and then Black and Becca almost ended up engaged.