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The last big scare came out of Mexico, though. Also, given the prevalence of the flu vaccine, the effects of any especially virulent virus would be muted. But if the pigs are slaughtered and the meat is shipped to the U.

The world wide killer that you envision won't be the flu. Moreover, any particularly virulent virus would show up to a limited extend a year, maybe two, before the onset of the pandemic. Yes, I agree with Gates that the most likely scenario for human extinction, or near-extinction, would be infectious disease. It first became evident among the allied troops in Europe and thereafter appeared in the German armies.

Then to us, through the people taking care of them. Used to be these things came out of China, since the Chinese love pork and a pig is genetically sort of a horizontal, four-legged human. The Spanish flu was mostly confined to Europe and North America.

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Flu is an airborne disease. It was the not the virus that was fatal, but the immune response that drowned the afflicted. But the original source of the virus was from geese. Only if they come to the U. That would allow the development of a vaccine.

Even today, flu symptoms are primarily caused by an immune response to the virus. The result is that even severe pandemics do not kill people to the extent that the Spanish flu did. It is a respiratory infection. The allied armies weren't affected until they were introduced into the combat zone. Those in the prime of life with strong immune systems were the ones that died for example, soldiers.

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The pigs are locked into their stalls and constantly breathe the fumes of their own shit, which is full of ammonia. That was the case with the Spanish flu. Actually, the flu strains have come from birds, sometimes mutated to infect pigs and then again mutated to infect humans.