Alessia amendola doppiatrice nina dobrev dating

Alessia amendola doppiatrice nina dobrev dating

Reports about Dobrev and Somerhalder's good friendship going south surfaced when news about the latter dating Reed, who was Dobrev's friend, came out. However, the actress was quick to claim that she and Somerhalder were good friends and that he was not the reason for her leaving.

Some even claimed that the two were often spotted very sweet with each other during shooting breaks. It turns out that the man on her photo is not her other half, but the actress's spiritual healer.

Dobrev has always been bombarded with a bunch of dating speculations, so it is not known yet if the recent reports are true or just merely false claims. Dobrev has always been close with Wesley.

Dobrev has always been bombarded withDobrev has always been

Somerhalder and Reed's dating status was also said to be the reason why Dobrev decided to take a leave from the series. Since reports about Dobrev and Wesley's relationship surfaced, speculations about the actress causing the split between Wesley and Tonkin became rife. However, Dobrev and Wesley were quick to deny the rumors and claimed that they were just friends.

Meanwhile, their co-star, Somerhalder. Meanwhile, Dobrev recently posted on social media how heartbroken she is for losing her beloved cat. Although none of them has confirmed their relationship, the way they treat each other reportedly tells a lot about the real score between them. In the middle of these various rumors, Ian Somerhalder has also been taking a portion of these dating reports thrown against Dobrev.