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The free downloadable version from the. The Danger Development Key is a special security certificate that is provided by Danger that enables the device to be used as a Development Device.

Selected affected customers received a free Samsung Galaxy to replace their Hiptop devices. It's not a deal breaker, but something we noticed while using the device. The idea is once you know where every image goes, you can replace the images with whatever you want. If you are interested in making your own, I am sure you can find some tutorials online, just head to google and search away. All you have to do is duplicate the theme template and replace everything in there with whatever you want!

The trackball navigator will also light up to notify you of new messages, Twitter updates, and more. Starting this page as a repository for resources that can help you with creating great plugins taking into consideration best practices. Now head to your device, open the eMail and scroll down to the bottom.

Sidekick lx....themes

Sidekick lx....themes

Please Help, what do I use for a password? If you leave me msg on meebo with your e-mail address, I'll get in contact with you directly. Any applicable hardware warranties should still apply.

The built-in storage allows for end-users to store files for. There's also a Quick Find feature that acts like a universal search function on the Sidekick.

In the same manner as the eMail save the ringtone to your device and set as your ringtone the same way as well. In other projects Wikimedia Commons.

If you appreciate my work, donating is only another way to say thank you. They said to keep the phone but They want the number. Deutsche Telekom Personal digital assistants Mobile phones with an integrated hardware keyboard Sharp Corporation mobile phones Motorola mobile phones Samsung mobile phones. For more add-ons, please check our cell phone accessories, ringtones, and help page.

Sidekick also has a Composer feature from where you can create your own walkthroughs, be it for a customer using a new site, one of your your plugins, or even perhaps a theme. The video says to extract the theme but do I have to compress mine first or do I just copy it into the themes folder? Also, you cant load themes while your phone is connected to the computer so when you put a theme on your phone disconnect it from the computer first then look for it under Themes. Thank you for sharing this wonderful tutorial to us. Also the problem could be the program you're using to extract the files.

There is no way to add applications to a standard Hiptop software on the device without the use of the Download Catalog. Sharp also added small grooves on the back of the device where you can rest your index fingers when holding it. Well it can be several different things.

You will be lead by both audio and visual queues. The Analytics section of your account provides you with some valuable data such as how many plays a particular walkthrough has had. Visit manufacturer site for details. Rather than having to contact support for simple requests such as how to set up the general settings for your plugin, your customers will have a personal guide to walk them through it. Sidekick user data is stored at Danger facilities, under the ownership of Microsoft.

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So if you need to click a menu item, make a selection or input text in a field, the walkthrough will not continue to the next step until you have done so. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. In Australia it is marketed as the Hiptop Slide and in the U. These walkthroughs are interactive guides. Leave a Reply Click here to cancel reply.

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My phone says themes, and i'm unable to find the theme i just put on the phone. As a result of the outage, T-Mobile suspended sales of all Sidekicks and Sidekick Data Plans until the outage was resolved. Sidekick is, without a doubt, adobe flash for mac worth a try.

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We were extremely pleased with the sharpness and brightness of the display. Listen or Save as Ringtone. Even the device drivers were developed in Java.

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Tap-to-pay cards are coming on strong. When I first made a theme, that was the way I did it, so it shouldn't be any harder for you. Once all steps are completed you can preview the final result, save it, then publish it to your library. Are you sure you want to delete this answer? The top of the unit has two application-specific shoulder buttons.

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