Time, by its very nature, wanders

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In we once again celebrate the Ambulante Documentary Film Festival, and happily lend our warmest support to the project. It is also necessary to find projects that advance national documentary cinema, an emerging industry in El Salvador. It has been shown at various locations in Scandinavia and in Paris, France. One ended up killing one thousand people by himself.

Siempre la pifio con la ropa. All images necessarily have a historic dimension, but some images also project us into the future, very often with a sense of urgency before something that is about to happen.

En retrospectiva, no puedo imaginar una mejor manera de haber pasado el tiempo. The films that we present here reflect a country in movement. At times this only prolongs the indignation over the fact that some can so easily bury their past while others have to live under its weight.

In we once againIt is also necessary to

Ni de Evita, ni del Che, ni de Gardel. We would go so far as to say that everybody leaves with new perspectives on how to spread and develop documentary cinema in our country. He participated in the Berlinale Talent Campus. We consider documentary cinema to be a chronoscope, the ideal instrument for observing the passage of time, intervening in its course and throwing light on its effects on the world. Documentary Directing Award at the Sundance Festival and is without a doubt one of the most highly acclaimed documentaries by critics worldwide.

Of all of them, Ambulante is the only one that has managed to successfully position itself within the documentary genre in a decentralized fashion. Nothing jeopardizes artistic creation like self-definition. With each new edition, Ambulante establishes itself as the essential reference of documentary exhibition in Mexico. We want to underline the singular capacity of documentary cinema to capture distinct temporal realities on the screen, to appreciate the rhythms that define culture and daily life. It has seen every kind of director pass through, advocating for this definition or that.

But it is the elusiveness of the concept that has retained our fascination, fed our imagination, and rendered all attempts to measure it artificial and imprecise. Es un trabajo de cine impresionante y fundamental. Firmo un voucher de euros por si lo llego a perder, y al salir me miro de reojo en el espejo. Ambulante ha sido testigo de estos cambios. Other highlights include Injerto, superbly curated by Ben Russell, which explores the work of contemporary artists and filmmakers.