She said I could call again

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Talking to him like this was making me nervous. Trisha is married to Rock.

You said I could sleep around. Their on again off again relationship is over. And Sadie would know about Jackdown. Just before I walked out, I turned to Willow and Eva. Her momma is a stripper, and the boy she grew up loving hit her and broke her heart and knocked up another woman.

He cared enough to come all the way here unplanned. No man had taken care of her and her mother. Which eased my conscience.

On my way out I called out a bye to everyone in the living room. He continued to cup my face in his hands like I was some precious object.

What we were doing was going too fast, and he was free to sleep around. This made up for no calls all week. Before I could manage to ask him what we were doing, he slid into the back of the limo with me still in his arms. The badass smart mouth who thumbed her nose at rules and skirted the law whenever she could had a kind heart. The bad girl might be some fun.

But looks can be deceiving. My body was trembling, and all I could think about was the pleasure about to rip through me. Jason Stone is Jax Stone's brother. He did say he would be busy this week.

So I figured itBoth of them were

She tensed up and glanced at Eva. She wants a better life, just like her momma wants for her. He is on a break at Sea Breeze. Amanda shifted her gaze from Sadie to me.

Both of them were carrying dirty plates. So I figured it might be best if we talked before this thing tonight. With or without my consent. Trying to figure out who he really is and what he wants from life.

Jason moved closer to me and slowly lifted his head. Willow was the first one to notice I was in the room. He held me up with his knees still between my legs and held on to my waist with his free hand.